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Our solutions are based on the principles of nanomagnetism, by making use of the natural properties of certain nanoparticles that, at a specific size, are placed onto a specially developed film, producing a type of material called SPIRO (Spin Polarizing Instrument for Radiation Organization), and which is also a patented invention of the NOXTAK Group.

This material, in combination with other proprietary material, constitutes the solutions designed by NOXTAK. Solutions which balance out the radio frequency waves and electromagnetic charges used in telecommunications by polarizing localized groups of elementary particles in the electrical and informational packets dispersed in radio, television, cell phones, Wi-Fi and GPS signals, among others.

The balance and polarization achieved by NOXTAK products result in a complete neutralization of the electropollution encountered, at both high and low level frequencies.

NOXTAK has established international scientific cooperative ties with recognized laboratories, institutions and multidisciplinary universities. Through their innovations, the NOXTAK Group has gone a step further by implementing them to produce human-friendly Green Technology.

Creators of SPIRO® (Spin Polarizing Instrument for Radiation Organization). This technology can be adapted and embedded in any electronic device and it is patented in 90 countries.


Spiro Material

Spiro Material consists of nanostructured films with special properties that balance out and order the charges of electromagnetic fields and artificial waves present in telecommunications. In other words, by using SPIRO (Spin Polarizing Instrument for Radiation Organization) material, we are able to organize the fundamental particles in the artificial fields, structuring them to behave in the same way as a natural field. The amount of SPIRO material, covered in PVC, needed for a device is proportional to the the amount of energy present in the associated artificial fields, in terms of frequency, power density and magnetic flux. We currently offer 4 SPIRO SOLUTIONS, developed according to the highest of standards; certified to work properly for the specified technical levels of electropollution.